Lipz bio

Lipz is a show rock band that was created in 2011 in Södertälje, Sweden by the brothers Alexander Klintberg(singer/guitarist), Koffe Klintberg(Drummer) and their best friend Conny von Walden Svärd(guitarist).


Before the three of them could begin their journey to rock stardom they had to find a singer and a bassist to become a complete band. So the search for the perfect lead singer began and after a while a guy called Jonathan answered the band’s postings as being a possible lead singer. Lipz welcomed him right away as he seemed to be a perfect fit.


But after a few rehearsals the group soon realized that Jonathan wasn't the kind of singer they were looking for- but they wanted to keep him in the group. So Jonathan picked up the bass and became the bassist of Lipz! Though he had never sang before, guitarist Alexander picked up the mic and the band soon realized he had potential to become great. So the group put all their trust in Alexander and by then ... they had a full band.


Lipz debut album(EP) “Psycho” is available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many more places!


Sad enough Jonathan decided to leave the band (25/07/2015) to focus on other things in his life. We wish him the best luck! And we want to thank him for the 4 years in the band.


In July 2015 Sami V joined the band and made Lipz complete again, but it didnt last long untill he figured out this wasn't his journey.


Summer of 2016 Jerry Kag joined us and our story continues!



Members of Lipz consist of:
Alex K (Lead Vocal/Guitarist)
Conny von Walden (Guitarist)
Koffe K (Drummer)
Jerry Kag (Bass)